Healing the Mind Body + Soul


We all have a story that brought us to this moment.

A big part of Cynthia’s own story involves healing through dance, painting, writing, and storytelling. It was only after a period of vulnerable, genuine expression that she was ready for yoga, meditation, stillness-- peace. It is now her mission to hear your story and guide you to your own peace.

“Only someone who fully empathizes with the suffering that attends spiritual ignorance would be so unwaveringly determined in pointing out the path to freedom” - Rev. J Carrera, Inside the Yoga Sutras


If you'd like to inquire about booking a private group event, please contact me for pricing.

Services + Packages


Single Session

Whether it is about the physical practice or the spiritual teachings, a one-on-one yoga session is calling to you.

Let’s work on your growth together.


If you are ready to commit to 4 sessions a month of high quality you-time, this is the package for you.

Must use all sessions within that month.



Want to enjoy a discount rate, but can’t commit to 4 sessions a month? Enjoy the flexibility of spreading out your sessions.

No expiration on packages.


Healing the Mind

Calm the swirling of the mind to experience the power of true clarity.

After years of researching and benefiting from Mindfulness at UCLA, Cynthia now infuses Mindfulness Meditation into her yoga teachings. Bringing non-judgmental awareness to something as simple as the breath or to pose transitions is reinforced to train the mind to find stillness and peace through the present moment, no matter what is physically happening with the body. This skill can be taken off the mat to reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms while enhancing focus, attention, and a calm clarity that invites you to live your most authentic and empowered life.



Healing the Body


Align, stabilize, and elongate the body to enhance its longevity and your enjoyment of life

Your body is a gift that must eventually be returned. You get to keep this body for a longer time and at a lower cost if you tend to it appropriately. With a pre-medical background and extensive anatomy training, Cynthia works with your unique body to stretch and strengthen the most crucial areas.  With a history of competition-induced injuries and a renewed passion for strengthening your relationship with the body, she also teaches you to honestly listen to the body to ensure that you work at a pace that is true to you. Your yoga can be a moving meditation that synchronizes the breath, body, and mind.


Healing Soul

Step outside the roles and titles that define your ego and connect to the true essence of what makes you you.

We live in a world of labels, and we tend to fall into the trap of believing that our worth stems from the labels we wear. Cynthia fell deeply into that trap until a life circumstance stripped her of her labels. There was a dark period of feeling completely naked and worthless, but it was only through this darkness that she was able to discover her own inner light. She recognizes that this same inner light exists in you.  If you can’t currently feel its warmth or see its brightness, your light is simply buried by distractions. With a happy mind and body, your soul’s light will inevitably shine.